Latest Posts Grid

This block allows you to display the latest posts of any post type (posts, pages, portfolio etc). Post grids can be displayed in a number of ways.


How to make initial header transparent and opaque on scroll

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How to insert a Post Grid Block

Post grid blocks can be added in the Gutenberg editor using the “Post Grid” block.

Count Up Properties

Post Type SlugThe name of the slug that corresponds to the posts that you want to display for. You can view what the slug is by hovering over the post type in the left menu and seeing the URL that it will be. The end part of the URL …post_type=MYPOSTTYPE where MYPOSTTYPE is the value you want to add to this field.
Items to showSets how many items are displayed
ColumnsHow many columns the posts should be displayed in
ShadowWhether each post has a shadow or not around it3
AnimateWhether the posts will animate in using one of the built in animationsnone

Don’t forget to read the Documentation too.

The Posts Grid block is built with Advanced Custom Fields and requires the Pro plugin to work.