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How to insert a Count Up Block

Count Up blocks can be added in the Gutenberg editor using the “Count Up” block. If you want text underneath the number then simply type it after the count up block.

Count Up Properties

NumberThe number you want the count up to scroll to. It will automatically start at zero and then count up until it reaches this number.
PrefixText that you want to be displayed directly to the left of the number e.g. $
SuffixText you want to display directly to the right of the number e.g. %
Count DurationHow long in seconds the number will count for until it reaches the final number that has been set3
AnimateWhether the count up block will animate in using one of the built in animationsnone

Don’t forget to read the Count Up Documentation too.

The count up block is built with Advanced Custom Fields and requires the Pro plugin to work.